Yoga gives me a piece of mind, it brings me back inwards and lets me see things from an different angle in a world where things are constantly moving, changing and appear chaotic it somehow keeps me real. It lowers the noise from the outside world and focuses more on the inside. It acts like a filter to me, allowing positive things to thrive and trivial to let go. Ever since the first practice, I felt a certain connection. That certain heat that warmed my bones was an unique experience, I was not sure why this happened all I knew was that I wanted to explore more. This was over nine years ago … and I am still experiencing to this date. I am not sure if life was better before yoga, certainly with yoga is more complete and fulfilling. Needless to say that yoga made me strong and flexible, not only on a physical level but also mentally. The best thing is it does not matter where you are in your practice one thing is guaranteed, after the lesson you will feel much better than before. All the struggle and effort you put in pay off generously. The lightness, space sudden energy arising from apparently nowhere… like magic.!

Very thankful to Master Ankan and team for support and spreading the true spirit of Yoga and also to all fellow students with whom I share the journey throughout the week


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