Vivian Chang


Vivian Chang

I used to think yoga is for old ladies, hippies, and for those who don’t really want to do ‘real sport’. So, when I started to pick yoga practice, I always tried to avoid the traditional hatha yoga. My earlier experiences with Vinyasa and hot yoga did help me to improve my condition, but failed me to connect to the beauty of yoga.

Luckily I found my master, Ankan Kumar, who guided me to discover the real yoga world.   Ankan proved me wrong about my old idea of traditional hatha yoga.  Who said yoga is for old ladies ?  My GOD ! I got muscle aches after every class.   Who said yoga is for those who don’t really sport ?  I swear you that I sweat in every class…

My back pain disappeared after practicing yoga for few months. Through yoga I start to understand my own body. Not only the physical practices, master Ankan also shares his yoga wisdom before, during and after class.  I always feel myself refresh with full of positive energy after class.

Starting yoga is one of the wonderful things I have done to my body and spirit.   I believe yoga will be my life time practice, my philosophy, my life style….. Namaste