Tanya Lagoda


Tanya Lagoda

Yoga and I are together since the start of this century. Back then, in Donetsk, Ukraine, I used to practice yoga with a group of enthusiastic people under a guidance of a self-made Iyengar yoga teacher, in a rented room from a kindergarten. Yoga did a lot to me that time, and I think it even helped me to figure out my determination, so I changed jobs and ended up in The Netherlands in 2006.

Eventually I re-started my search for the right yoga practice for me and a year ago my friend suggested me Yoga Kumar studio. I came here, I was immediately taken by Ankan’s teaching style and I am DOING.

I keep bringing my kids, friends and colleagues to yoga sessions. I like spreading yoga around. Very proud of my daughters, son, and even my nephew practicing yoga together with me. One of the smallest ones, Amalia can put her leg over her head and can make a full split. She is also very proud of herself.

One funny episode was when I came to the cleansing session having a discreet setting in mind, and met a colleague there. It was quite a surprise first. Having gone through this experience, we became good friends.

I like being in the studio on Sunday morning, practicing with people who share my passion for yoga. I like seeing some of our friends now studying yoga in India and their pictures on FB.

Another whole new world for me – pranayama, meditation and chanting that I hope to start learning with a bit more dedication. Naturally I enjoy the asana part of yoga more, being always very flexible.

Most precious is that clear mind and patience that yoga gives me. It is amazing how your spirit grows and you can feel happy every moment of life. And in there you can find yourself doing a lot more at work and at home. Many things come easier, decisions are made at the right moment…

I have a lot of plans and dreams about yoga, like going to India to study yoga or doing a surf-and-yoga retreat in Portugal. Anyway, with my busy schedule, these plans are remaining plans. I am staying here in Eindhoven and very happy that I can practice yoga with Ankan.

Tanya Lagoda.