Serge Vrijaldenhoven


Serge Vrijaldenhoven

I discovered yoga at the high tech campus. How? Well I have been meditating since 2004 and joined a group that was meditating during lunchtime at the high tech campus. While arranging a better location for the meditation group someone approached me if the new location could also be used for yoga.

I was doing gymnastics at that time (and for most of my life. An important part of it was also spent on Tae Kwon Do) and realized I needed a replacement for it in the upcoming years. So why not try yoga? I did… I heard about open classes at Het Ketelhuis and joined those once in a while.

I began to feel how yoga was not only stretching my body, but also worked on other levels – a bit like meditation. And also that I enjoyed being around ‘yoga people’ (whatever that means ;)). At the high tech campus a special yoga class from Ankan was organized, but I was not ready to give up gymnastics. When time came to leave gymnastics, I tried really a lot of yoga places in Eindhoven. Including Ankan’s. Immediately I felt this was the yoga I wanted to practice.

I decided that after summerholiidays I would trade gymnastics for yoga and I joined Ankan. I noticed yoga is a good match with meditation for me. It is a way to get deeply connected with my body, myself, and then, …everything. But I always say: don’t believe, just simply try and experience for yourself. I also recommend to try all yoga places you know and all types of yoga, because the teacher is often more important than the type of yoga.

Perhaps see you at yogakumar?