Peter Hendrikx


Peter Hendrikx

Yoga is a nice and pleasant way to get control over your body and I always look forward to the next lesson. The exercises are pretty tough and hard work, but Hatha yoga suits me, because focus is on flexibility/strength and less on condition.

I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and started with it when I got physical complaints. I turned out to have leukemia CLL and the fact there is no cure was something hard to accept and let go in my thoughts. I tried to find distraction even by looking at alternative healing methods, which I never paid attention to before. I discovered yoga during holidays, where I joined yoga classes, which often were offered as part of animation program. Always felt less tired and full of energy after being physically active for an hour and the asana’s were really challeging for me. I started exploring the internet to get more information and also began practicing the various yoga poses and sequences. After a few years I needed more inspiration and took classes at Omkara, where I met Ankan. Later when he started his own studio I followed him.

Yoga and also pranayama lessons brought me peace and balance and gave me better control over my body, however standing on 1 leg is still difficult ???? In the beginning I was very competitive and performance oriented, but after some time my concentration got better and  doing postures correctly improved, so I did no longer suffer from injuries. I feel much better now than 10 years ago, physically as well as mentally. I hope to retire next year from work,  but I hope to continu with yoga for many years to come with my dear fellow students ????