Loredana Stroe

“I was hooked on yoga from the first lesson I had. It felt natural, like something I’ve done before and it gave me an unprecedented sense of calm. For as long as I can remember my health was never at its best and my mind has been hyperactive. I believed that’s just how I am, that I’m sensitive and a busy mind is in my nature. Yoga has allowed me to understand that with practice, I can have power over my body and my mind and make that sense of calm my everyday state of mind. This has open the door to a new way of seeing myself and the world around me.
During practice, I experience and accept all the sensations that happen in my body – what feels good and what feels difficult – and I embrace them both all the same, without judgement and expectations. It’s like a continuous process of honest discovery that enables me to acknowledge and break through my physical and mental blockages. The best part is that, in time, this has extended to my everyday life and has enabled me to let go of preconceptions I didn’t even know I had, grow as a person and quiet my busy mind. 
Yoga is now a part of my life and I am grateful to Ankan for the guidance and knowledge I’ve gained. Since I practice yoga my body is stronger and more open; I am more focused, grounded and at ease with myself. I’ve discovered that there’s a whole world inside of myself; that the journey inwards is filled with benefits and happiness and it will lead me all the way to my soul. To try and get there is why I will continue to practice for the rest of my life.”