Bianca Popa


Bianca Popa

Yoga for me? The bridge that connects my islands. As an active person, an extrovert, I love energy…I have many passions, many islands. Yoga helps me reach a deeper stage of connectivity with my subconscious mind, which is in fact my body. It is the secret, the emotions that the body keeps that is holding the key to life’s puzzle. 

I am now learning its language, the language of expansion the mind and the body. Each class I listen, I feel, I expand, I am communicating.

My mind is steering, but my body is doing, and I am fascinated by its expansion and its capability. I am learning, I am curious to reach a higher level of consciousness. Yoga makes me feel like a snowflake, light and unburden. And in fact, is how you feel inside is what you will attract outside.

Yoga is my bridge in a journey to the best version of myself and maybe who knows, towards the universe. Namaste!