Agnes Bouye

agnes bouye

Agnes Bouye

My first class was a disaster !

It was eight years ago and my body suffered the full session. I felt like a stick of wood and I could not stop comparing to other people around me, stretching like pieces of rubber ! After the class, I felt terrible and because my body was not flexible, I’ve decided that this practice was not for me. It was just maybe not the right time to start this journey… Two years ago, a friend of mine offered me to join her for a yoga class. I was not so enthusiastic but I wanted to please her and I accepted…I will be eternally grateful to her ! At the time, I was developping my own business, working hard, always on the run with endless « to do » lists, trying to manage my work and family life. From the outside, I was looking like a kind of superwoman and people were congratulating me for my achievements. They were wrong…

I was not taking care of myself, not exercizing in the right way and I was starting to feel exhausted physically and also mentally. My body was sending me messages that I was trying to avoid: back pain and multiple small health issues. I was also more and more suffering from anxiety. The more my business was growing and the less I was feeling happy…

I will always remember that evening I entered in the yoga class. I felt suddently so relieved, like in a cocoon ! No competition, nothing to prove or to achieve. I finally found a room to let it go and make space for myself. It was a really intense feeling that I always try to remember when I sit on my yoga mat. I started my practice with Yin yoga. At the time, I was enjoying this slow motion, yet intense type of yoga. After a few months, I felt the need for a more active form of yoga and I’ve started to practice Gentle Yoga at Yoga Kumar studio. I was curious about Pranayama and Meditation and I also registered for the beginner class.

For me, yoga is not about being able to do crazy postures (even if I dream of it !). It is all about the process to get to the final posture: feel your body, control over your breath, be able to let go and go beyond your limitations. Somehow, the fact that my body is not easily flexible is a gift. It learns me to be patient, to love me the way I am and to work on my mental blockages.

I enjoy every small improvement of my body ! I can say that “Yoga and Pranayama changed my life !”

Thanks to a regular practice, I feel that my energy level and my overall body condition really increased. My mind is more still : I can better concentrate, take some important decisions with more confidence and I have a much better control over my emotions. I feel more and more flexible in my body and my mind. Because I got rid of some strong emotions from my past, I am also much happier that I used to be and more open to people. Ankan has been playing a key role in my yoga journey. He has a unique personality, a deep knowledge of yoga and the way body and mind work. I love his positive life philosophy ! He has a big heart and loves to share his experience, always caring in a respectful way. I like the way he helps me to break my limitations, get out of my confort zone in a playful way, with a smile (yes, yoga is fun too !) I still have a lot to learn and experience. This is really exciting to discover who I really am ! I feel now more and more unlimited in all sorts of projects I have. I still struggle sometimes with my emotions but I have now the tools to work on it and feel better. Go to a yoga class is my best medicine and thanks to Ankan and the other members of our yoga community, I always leave the studio full of positive energy !