koos den hollander


I have been practicing yoga for many years now. During those years, my interest in yoga has varied a lot. There have been times when I was very motivated to learn new and challenging postures. But there have also been times when I didn’t practice much. There have been times when I meditated every day and times when I didn’t. At times I felt guilty for not meditating or practicing. But now I feel that it’s okay. It’s just a phase I am going through and tomorrow can be different.  

No matter your mood, no matter what your physical situation is, yoga offers something for everyone. When you are stressed, yoga can help you to let go and relax. When you are down, you will find that through yoga you can have fun playing with your body doing crazy stuff. When you have a backache, yoga postures help you with your recovery. So it’s all up to you how you use the benefits of yoga in your life. 

In hindsight, this is probably the reason why I didn’t lose my interest in yoga over all those years. As my life evolved, so did my needs. But yoga somehow always had something to offer, something that fulfilled a need I had.
Besides the physical and psychological benefits of yoga, I also love the yoga community. I am grateful to have met so many good spirited people at Yoga Kumar. The energy during the class is very nice and supportive and the people are inspiring. Not being able to enjoy that during periods of lock-down, is the main reason why practicing yoga during COVID times is not easy for me. It requires discipline to practice but there are just so many excuses not to. I struggle with this almost every day. But when I make the effort, I know I will be rewarded in so many ways. 

Yoga has become an essential part of my life and I trust that it will continue to be like that for many years to come. Namaste.