Charles Tsai

Charles Tsai

‘I started my yoga journey in a gym 15 years ago in Taiwan but theoretically speaking, it was a combination of easy yoga postures, Pilates, and body stretching. I practiced for couple of years until the gym closed down. It was great exercise after work but I haven’t found my passion for yoga at that time.

In 2018, I resumed my yoga practice with an intention simply to keep my body “moving” and to train my core muscles for winter sports. The first few months were quite difficult or even “painful” as I stopped exercising for years. I continued in several gentle yoga classes and, in the beginning, could barely touch my toes with hands when legs/arms are stretched in both sitting and standing.

After my body condition got improved slowly, I gave it a try in dynamic hatha without knowing how challenging it could be. I was totally wet in 10 minutes and felt muscle pain everywhere when I got home; however, I was mentally joyful for no reason. Ever since, I kept the routine of twice a week, one easy and another advanced.

A year after, I suffered huge stress from work which eventually caused physical and mental illness. It was the darkest period in my life. I forced myself to continue the practice and started my first breathing/meditation exercise. When doing the advanced postures, my mind is fully focused on tiny bit of muscles to stretch more or to keep balance. Through breathing and mediating, I let all thoughts (good or bad) come and then fade away. Gradually, I found peace in yoga. Moreover, I met kind people in this particular yoga community, caring and inspirational. I also found comfort here. They helped my go through the dark.

I’m so glad that I picked up yoga again and grateful for people here to cheer, laugh and enjoy life together. I feel something missing if I don’t practice yoga for long. It has rooted in my DNA, I guess!