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Yoga can benefit everyone, and anyone can practice yoga. Shall we start?

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Our Yoga Courses

We offer courses for personal growth of knowledge for wellness or to become a yoga teacher and get certified by the Yoga Certification Board (YCB). You will gain understanding of yoga theory and learn the skills to become a yoga teacher.

Personal Study for Wellbeing

Meditation Mandala Course - 21 Hours

The Meditation Mandala will be practiced for 21 consecutive days from 7AM to 8AM, both in the studio and online. Each session will be conducted by Master Ankan. It will consist of special breathing exercises, specific meditation techniques, asanas and relaxation. During the Mandala, practical tools will be given to deal with challenging situations in life when they arise. Through the Meditation Mandala Course, you will learn the skills of perseverance, consistency, determination, endurance, persistence and devotion.

Hatha Yoga Course - 45 Hours

To be introduced...

Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Course - 200 Hours

Equivalent to the YCB Yoga Protocol Instructor course, Certified Yoga Professionals (Yoga Protocol Instructor) can teach basics of Yoga / common Yoga protocol developed by the Ministry of AYUSH for International Day of Yoga for prevention of diseases and promotion of health. They can conduct Yoga practice /classes in parks, societies, RWA etc. This course will be introduced soon.

Yoga Teacher Training Course - 400 Hours

Equivalent to the YCB Yoga Wellness Instructor course, students who participate in the Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC), can teach Yoga for prevention of illness and promotion of wellness in schools, Yoga studios, work places, Yoga wellness centres/Primary Health care centres, etc.you will become certified by the Indian Yoga Association, gain understanding of yoga theory and learn the skills to become a yoga teacher. In this 400 hour program, students will study yoga theory, anatomy physiology, the traditional yogic system, culture, human values and asanas explained in full detail.