Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama is an ancient Yogic breathing technique that teaches you to control the vital energies of your body. Through this practice, you will learn a wide range of breathing exercises that increase your lung capacity, while cleansing and rejuvenating your body cells. Pranayama is an effective way to increase your energy levels while reducing stress, and regular practitioners enjoy increased control over body and mind. Classes begin with a series of soft stretching asanas, followed by Pranayama and ending with a short meditation.

  • Increased sense of peace, calm and freedom.
  • Increases energy levels, reduces stress.
  • Improves oxygen circulation and aids digestion.

Recommended for all.

Did you know?

That we donate the entiry profit of the Pranayama introduction lessons to the Isha Vidhya Rural School in Tuticorin. They make arrangements for the most needed ones so everybody can go to school. We believe that knowledge is the foundation that everybody should be entitled to.