Core Strengthening Yoga – All levels

This class is designed to build core muscle strength including upper, middle, lower abdominals, obliques, internal obliques, les, buttocks and chest. When paired with yoga asanas, muscles gain full potential when combined with a core strengthening lesson. This keeps muscles long, stretched and healthy.

Most of diseases happen because of malfunction of the stomach. If we take care of the stomach area, we can prevent many diseases. When the stomach is tightened, we stay energetic and also of course it looks very nice! The body’s energy becomes higher naturally when the core is strong.


  • Strengthens core
  • Increases body’s energy
  • Tones the shape of the body

1 hour class

Recommended for all levels of fitness. 

Who should NOT do this class? We do not recommend students with injuries in the spine, operations on the stomach, shoulder or neck РOr a heart operation in the past 6 months to do this class. We do not recommend this class for pregnant women.