Yoga Kumar Philosophy

Yoga Kumar is a place where one practices traditional Indian Yoga in a supportive environment to pursue one’s highest potential in Body, Mind and Soul.

Why practice Yoga?

  • To become aware of one’s body
  • To have control over one’s body & health
  • To have control over one’s mind & moods
  • To achieve one’s highest potential in mind, body and soul

Why Yoga Kumar?

  • Yoga Kumar is more than a Yoga studio.  It is a sanctuary for energizing and balancing one’s mind and body that leads to a happier life.
  • Yoga Kumar is a community of people practicing Yoga supporting each other in pursuit of fulfillment through Yoga.
  • When a new student arrives at Yoga Kumar he/she is guided personally by a traditionally trained Indian Yoga Master to find the optimum classes to support his/her growth.

Who can practice Yoga?

The beauty of Yoga is that it available to everybody regardless of gender, age (young & old), body flexibility and fitness level. Some people think they cannot do Yoga because their body is “too stiff”. Yoga Kumar thinks that is precisely the persons who SHOULD start Yoga!

Give yourself just FOUR classes to see the difference in your body and mind.

“The world is one family.”

– Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam –