Svetlin Ivanov

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Everyone is searching for a place to feel at peace and let go of any bothersome.

When I am in the yoga studio, all conflicts and worries in my mind disappear and I let Ankan take me on a journey.

Yoga for me is a connection between my body and mind – awareness for every movement. There are a large variety of exercises and unlimited options to improve. Improvement happens naturally without any desired reason. Suddenly you realize what seemed impossible yesterday is easy today, and in that moment there is a lot of happiness.

Thanks to yoga and pranayama, I learned how to breath correctly and what the benefits are for the body and all together – preparing me for a meditation.

Yoga is also an ancient source of wisdom and philosophy that gives meaning to me and a better understanding of life.

Zana Pravdic

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Yoga gives me a piece of mind, it brings me back inwards and lets me see things from an different angle in a world where things are constantly moving, changing and appear chaotic it somehow keeps me real. It lowers the noise from the outside world and focuses more on the inside. It acts like a filter to me, allowing positive things to thrive and trivial to let go. Ever since the first practice, I felt a certain connection. That certain heat that warmed my bones was an unique experience, I was not sure why this happened all I knew was that I wanted to explore more. This was over nine years ago … and I am still experiencing to this date. I am not sure if life was better before yoga, certainly with yoga is more complete and fulfilling. Needless to say that yoga made me strong and flexible, not only on a physical level but also mentally. The best thing is it does not matter where you are in your practice one thing is guaranteed, after the lesson you will feel much better than before. All the struggle and effort you put in pay off generously. The lightness, space sudden energy arising from apparently nowhere… like magic.!

Very thankful to Master Ankan and team for support and spreading the true spirit of Yoga and also to all fellow students with whom I share the journey throughout the week


Peter Hendrikx

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Yoga is a nice and pleasant way to get control over your body and I always look forward to the next lesson. The exercises are pretty tough and hard work, but Hatha yoga suits me, because focus is on flexibility/strength and less on condition.

I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and started with it when I got physical complaints. I turned out to have leukemia CLL and the fact there is no cure was something hard to accept and let go in my thoughts. I tried to find distraction even by looking at alternative healing methods, which I never paid attention to before. I discovered yoga during holidays, where I joined yoga classes, which often were offered as part of animation program. Always felt less tired and full of energy after being physically active for an hour and the asana’s were really challeging for me. I started exploring the internet to get more information and also began practicing the various yoga poses and sequences. After a few years I needed more inspiration and took classes at Omkara, where I met Ankan. Later when he started his own studio I followed him.

Yoga and also pranayama lessons brought me peace and balance and gave me better control over my body, however standing on 1 leg is still difficult 😉 In the beginning I was very competitive and performance oriented, but after some time my concentration got better and  doing postures correctly improved, so I did no longer suffer from injuries. I feel much better now than 10 years ago, physically as well as mentally. I hope to retire next year from work,  but I hope to continu with yoga for many years to come with my dear fellow students 😉



Marieke Schut & Lars

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I was so lucky my first yoga experience was with Ankan, a couple of years ago. When Ankan announced he’d open his own studio I was excited and of course I followed him. But, yoga for me wasn’t always easy, especially in the beginning. The physical flexibility was there from the start, but the mental flexibility I was still struggling with. As a person dealing with anxiety problems it was hard sometimes to connect with myself when all I wanted to do was run away from what I was feeling inside. But doing yoga and coming to class regularly a.o. helped me overcome this mental issue for the biggest part. I now see connecting with my body as the way to connect with my soul. I am no longer anxious for what my body has to tell me. So sometimes a pose makes me emotional. I feel the blockage in my body and when I relax and stay present the tension is not only released on a physical level but also on a mental/emotional one. I accept this process (and the tears that sometimes join I no longer need to hide) as it helps me to release the negative and let in the positive. Ankan’s meditations and comments during class were very helpful in this process. And it is not only about connecting with my body and being present but also the joy of experiencing my body while it does things I couldn’t imagine. I am expanding, I am lifting up parts of my body while smiling and I feel strong! I feel so much more confident about my body than a couple of years ago. 

Coming to class is like my pieces being put together after life happened to me during the week. All kinds of things can make me disconnect from this moment/my body, and at the end of the week I am longing for that feeling of being complete, being whole, body, mind and soul. It is like a good massage but then from the inside. It is fantastic.

So, when I became pregnant I wanted to continue yoga practise. With some adjustments, I did until 31 weeks of pregnancy. It helped me staying flexible and calm and connect with my baby. I tried a couple of special pregnancy yoga classes in other studios but I was not satisfied and I could still keep up with gentle yoga (I know, I cheated a bit as a little baby boy was helping me haha) so I stayed with Ankan and the other students. My son responded very well to yoga as he was in the womb, he was kicking all the time, it was fun and for me a sign he enjoyed it too. When I came to the studio to have my picture taken my son joined me because nobody could babysit. While I was doing my very best on these poses, Lars enjoyed himself by playing and walking around and coming to me every couple of minutes, standing and sittting with me. This picture Ankan made in a very spontaneous moment and turned out to be the best one. In fact, I think it captures the most natural moment of being able to flex and expand and also being relaxed and smile.

Thank you Ankan for your guidance so far! I am very grateful!

Martijn Sander

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There was a period in my life when things were off road for me because of addiction problems. Physically, mentally and spiritually I was at my bottom. I was lucky I got a chance to work on those problems in a clinic abroad. Part of the program was Yoga practice. It helped me a lot to get back on the right track again.

Nowadays I work as a nurse and take care of people in need. I feel blessed to be able to serve others, but it can be difficult as well. In Yoga practice I can serve my inner self. No distracting thoughts or worries. A moment just for me. I allow myself to take time to expand and improve my physical and mental condition. Or just be satisfied with the moment as it is. After Yoga practice I always feel more positive than before. During the week the moments of Yoga practice are real energy suppliers for me.

After practicing yoga for about ten years (with some intervals) a friend told me about Yoga Kumar. After some hesitations I decided a year ago to take the chance. And I’m glad I did. I now experience what yoga is really about. It’s not only about doing the postures, but it’s a continuously physical and mental process.

The benefits for me so far: I feel more confidence in my body and in whom I am. There is more space in my back, shoulders and hips. I feel more balanced. 

The atmosphere at Yoga Kumar is always positive. Thanks in part of Suhyun and Ankan, who’s relativating, humourous, and motivates with the right attitude. He is not patronizing but treats every student with respect, whether they are experienced or new in class. I feel welcome every time I visit. 


Bianca Popa

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Yoga for me? The bridge that connects my islands. As an active person, an extrovert, I love energy…I have many passions, many islands. Yoga helps me reach a deeper stage of connectivity with my subconscious mind, which is in fact my body. It is the secret, the emotions that the body keeps that is holding the key to life’s puzzle. 

I am now learning its language, the language of expansion the mind and the body. Each class I listen, I feel, I expand, I am communicating.

My mind is steering, but my body is doing, and I am fascinated by its expansion and its capability. I am learning, I am curious to reach a higher level of consciousness. Yoga makes me feel like a snowflake, light and unburden. And in fact, is how you feel inside is what you will attract outside.

Yoga is my bridge in a journey to the best version of myself and maybe who knows, towards the universe. Namaste!

Mila Khamaeva

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I came to a yoga studio a year and a half ago. Then my idea of ​​yoga was very superficial. I thought that this is something very boring and not interesting and I doubted that it would suit me. The colleague of mine bought me a subscription for 4 classes as a gift and asked from a promise that I would definitely visit them. After the second lesson, I felt a sense of inner calm, that was very surprising. I began to practice more and more. I was very pleased with the positive changes that occurred in my body. I stopped getting tired back and neck after an 8 hour working day at the computer, I became more hardy and mobile. But apart from changes in my body, I began to feel changes in the way of thinking, rather in the way I perceived reality around me. At this point, I decided to start attending meditation classes. Now I practice meditation every morning for half an hour. My life has changed beyond recognition. Problems and mistakes did not become less, but I somehow changed my attitude towards them. Now the behavior of people around, my feelings and reactions have become clearer and more understandable. As if the fog had cleared. I cannot say that I suddenly realized why do I live and what I’m doing here, but I’m unambiguously approaching the answer. And most importantly, I’m no longer afraid to live and make mistakes and every day I feel an unknown force that moves me forward. Thanks to everyone who helped me to find this new way of living.

Lilli Alatorre

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‘Yoga My Rock’

Like most of us, I have had some rocks in my life but yoga is my favorite rock. In the year I’ve been practicing yoga, I’ve understood more about myself than I have in most of my life; my thoughts, my actions, my re-actions, non-reactions, my limitations, my non-limitations, letting go and realizing how simple and silly things sometimes are… appreciation, gratitude… the essence of me. Who “I” am and the connectedness we all have.

I was never interested in yoga. What is yoga? Slow movements, sitting, stretching? It didn’t sound interesting to me. Frankly, it sounded boring. I was not ready to have this patience.

My Mom always told me, “You should try yoga, you’ll like it”. My Mom somehow is always right.

I tried yoga last fall. The first class had me so curious by how loose my back had felt from just one class. This had me wondering. I began to wonder, what would happen… if I see this much difference in my body, if I came more often. I had the time, so I began the journey. I started to practice intensely in the later months to come and the more I practiced, the more I wanted to practice and the more I was surprising myself; more surprises came. Things in my life began to shift and change; my job, my family, my friends, my relationships, even the way people reacted to me in my presence. I have never paid this much attention to myself, I have never had this much appreciation and I have never been this entertained by life. Yoga has also been a therapy for me. Past negative behaviors have left since my practice has begun.

I became more and more in line with that feeling, that vibration that I felt was right, new sensations like I had never experienced before. I felt it and I wanted more. It felt true to me. I like this and I want to see more.

Concentration, dedication, strength, weakness, quietness, noise, thought, thoughtlessness, absence, presence, sensation, happiness, connectedness…  my favorite experiences in Yoga. The changes in my body, the quietness in my mind, the freshness in my life are the truths I have experienced and are what have me coming back, and of course our beloved Yoga Master Ankan. I follow his example of curiosity for life and grasp the chance to catch his words of wisdom… I cannot be more thankful for the Love of Yoga.

As my journey continues, I look forward to seeing what’s next, what more changes will come, what will be released, seeing, experiencing and enjoying every moment at Yoga Kumar and thankful to have the opportunity to be here. Keep smiling. Yoga, my rock. My favorite rock.

Thank you.

Tanya Lagoda

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Yoga and I are together since the start of this century. Back then, in Donetsk, Ukraine, I used to practice yoga with a group of enthusiastic people under a guidance of a self-made Iyengar yoga teacher, in a rented room from a kindergarten. Yoga did a lot to me that time, and I think it even helped me to figure out my determination, so I changed jobs and ended up in The Netherlands in 2006.

Eventually I re-started my search for the right yoga practice for me and a year ago my friend suggested me Yoga Kumar studio. I came here, I was immediately taken by Ankan’s teaching style and I am DOING.

I keep bringing my kids, friends and colleagues to yoga sessions. I like spreading yoga around. Very proud of my daughters, son, and even my nephew practicing yoga together with me. One of the smallest ones, Amalia can put her leg over her head and can make a full split. She is also very proud of herself.

One funny episode was when I came to the cleansing session having a discreet setting in mind, and met a colleague there. It was quite a surprise first. Having gone through this experience, we became good friends.

I like being in the studio on Sunday morning, practicing with people who share my passion for yoga. I like seeing some of our friends now studying yoga in India and their pictures on FB.

Another whole new world for me – pranayama, meditation and chanting that I hope to start learning with a bit more dedication. Naturally I enjoy the asana part of yoga more, being always very flexible.

Most precious is that clear mind and patience that yoga gives me. It is amazing how your spirit grows and you can feel happy every moment of life. And in there you can find yourself doing a lot more at work and at home. Many things come easier, decisions are made at the right moment…

I have a lot of plans and dreams about yoga, like going to India to study yoga or doing a surf-and-yoga retreat in Portugal. Anyway, with my busy schedule, these plans are remaining plans. I am staying here in Eindhoven and very happy that I can practice yoga with Ankan.

Tanya Lagoda.