Come and join us a class, and Stay a Life Time!

When you come to Yoga Kumar to start your Yoga journey, we will support you step by step, all the way to realizing your full Yogi potential.
First, Drop by to meet our Yoga Master, Ankan Kumar.  Tell him a bit about yourself.  He will guide you through various classes to find a program that fits your needs.
Second, Give us a chance to show you what Yoga can do for you.  Persevere through FOUR classes.  After that, you will experience the MAGIC of YOGA on your body and mind!
Third, Stay and enjoy the new-found flexibility and lightness of your body!  Become a part of the Yoga Kumar community.

Take advantage of our New Student Introduction package:
4 classes for only 28 euros!

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“The world is one family.”

– Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam –