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We support you at every step when you start your Yoga journey with Yoga Kumar. From the moment you first walk through our door, you will be helped and encouraged to reach your full Yogi potential, with classes that are designed to increase your knowledge of this wonderful ancient science.

Three simple steps:

First: drop by and talk with Ankan Kumar, our Yoga Master. Tell him your story, tell him your goals and your needs. Ankan will guide you through the various benefits of our different classes, to find a program that fits your needs and your level of Yoga. And remember, everyone is a beginner at one point in their lives, so if this is your first class, we are delighted to be with you at your beginning.

Second, give yourself a chance to learn what Yoga can do for you. Commit to FOUR classes and THEN make a decision. By then, you will have already noticed the effects on your body and mind.

Third, stay with us and enjoy the new-found flexibility and lightness of body and mind. Keep coming back, make new friends and learn more about yourself as part of the Yoga Kumar community.

Why practise Yoga?

  • To become aware of your body
  • To have control over your body & health
  • To have control over your mind & your moods
  • To achieve your highest potential in mind, body and spirit

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