Introduction deal
A great offer for a good reason!

Give yourself the chance to experience the benefits of yoga! In these four classes you will the difference already. 

You buy an introduction deal and than what?

We will explain that to you as clear as possible in the steps below. If you still have any questions please let us know! Just mail or call us! Both is fine.

Reserve your place online in a yoga class.

or just come to the studio.

Gentle yoga is the ideal class to judge your experience level. The postures follow up each other easily. Besides that is it still challenging for every level of experience.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that let you move easily.

Not all clothes do let you move. Try it first at home and feel if it's still comfortable. Shoes and socks aren't necessary.

Food and drinks

Don't eat heavily 90 minutes prior to the lesson.

If you eat too heavily before class, some postures will feel awkward to do. Try not to eat 90 minutes before the lesson.

Be on time.

15 minutes prior to the lesson.

It is nice to start the lesson in a calm manner. if you are on time, especially at your first class, than of the teachers can ask you some questions and show you arround.

Your first yoga class

Let it happen.

Go along with the lesson. For some it can take a while to get accustomed. Awkward even maybe or what ever. Try to park that feeling and talk about that after your fourth lesson. After that you can judge better what yoga can do for you.