How to overcome limitations through yogic practice

man in warrior pose yoga asana

How to overcome limitations through yogic practice

Learning how to overcome your limitations is the simple key to happiness.

Every day we accumulate mental, emotional, and physical limitations from our surroundings and the people around us, including family, friends, the internet, etc. Limitations can be physical, mental or emotional and have a negative impact on us.

Any type of limitation creates suffering. It takes away joy and happiness. Mental limitations are far more powerful than physical limitations. It is also difficult to work on mental limitations. Your physical body always acts according to the mental condition, as they are intertwined.

Your emotional or mental state will alter the way you move and behave. When you are confident, your actions will correspond to the confident mental state. You may experience when you are happy, something inside you expands. When you are sad something contracts (blockages happen) and you feel limited. If we can create consciously some expansion in the body you will feel good again. When you brush your teeth, you feel fresh. It’s the same in the body – when you clean your blockages you feel better.

How can yoga help you overcome these limitations?

It’s not magic, it’s science! In yoga, we do systematic movements and systematic breathing; This helps to expand the body from deep inside. It takes the blockages away so you can feel happy, joyful and connected to nature and everything. When you feel good you break your mental limitations and bring about mental clarity.