The priceless gift of better living.

Would you like to motivate someone? Or do you think a person can realy benefit from yoga? Than perhaps this gift certificate is a great motivator, you know what yoga can do.

You determine what the value will be of the Gift Certificate. We will make sure it is neatly written and put in a envelop with a suitable color. We have 5 different colors to choose from.

If you want us to post the gift certificate. Not a problem. You can easily fill in the form and we will make sure it is send on time. Not to forget we will deliver a nice yoga experience as well!

It is easy-peasy to order a gift certificate.

STEP 1: Who's in?

For the receiver is it better to attend more classes to experience the benefits.

More lessons, more discount. A single lesson costs € 18,- (if you are a member already).

STEP 2: Fill in the form.

Try to prevent any mispelling mistakes because we copy your text exactly.

Deliver us the name, address and a personal note that will be on the gift certificate.

STEP 3 : Double check!

If you have checked everything, you can click on "Send".

After you have clicked on send, we'll send you a mail with payment details and to confirm your purchase.

STEP 4 : Send a tikkie.

Send a "Tikkie" to those who join with this present.

A "Tikkie" is an app but nowadays banks also have a "request for payment" services.

STEP 5 : You will receive a confirmation.

We will give you a confirmation of your payment and when we will send to gift certificate.

Unfortunatly we cannot garantee that the Gift Certificate will arrive at your requested day but we will do our best!

Order form Gift Certificate

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