“Yoga stops my traffic. It gives my noisy mind a quiet break from its own persistent chattering; it helps me be bendy, stretchy, happy and balanced. Before class, even if my brain feels like a heavy truck blasting down a motorway, afterwards my mind can be at peace and undistracted, a warm kitten curled in a blanket.
For most of my adult life, I have been looking for everything that yoga brings me now, with no idea it was called yoga or what it was or where to find it. Instead, I spent a long time in the wrong places with the wrong things, being self-contained, introspective and self-destructive. I lived in a mania of second chances, always hoping that things would somehow change or magically improve, and it wasn’t until I found sobriety that I could finally start to look at my own wreckage. I began piecing things together in July 2015, letting go of a lot of things from my old way of life so that I could start a new journey—this Bonus Life I lead today—and I eventually landed at Yoga Kumar with a complaining body, a weak spirit and a teachable mind.
I had no idea what to expect, but Master Ankan is a gifted teacher, a gateway to knowledge and someone who challenges enough, encourages enough, and expects us only to look for a little more reward in ourselves, to look deeper, and to relish the wonderful phrase “you are expanding… allow to expand”.
When I am here, I always learn a little more, about yoga, about myself, and about myself through yoga. I will always try to reach a certain posture, and maybe I will get a little nearer each time, or maybe I will find my limit and know that this is enough for now. I have learned that being enough means comparing myself only to who I was the last time I was on the mat. Because practice makes progress, and that’s an important joy of yoga for me: the benchmark is progress, not perfection.
Through yoga, I understand calm, have access to joy, and am healthier in body and spirit than I have ever been. It comes with me now, outside class, at home, away, in a Bonus Life increasingly untroubled by traffic.”

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