General Terms and Conditions

1 Liability

1.1. Yoga Kumar works with qualified teachers trained in India to provide classes, workshops and other Yogic activities of highest quality.
1.2. Even though a great care is taken in delivering the sessions, there is a chance of someone getting injured.
1.3. By participating in activities by Yoga Kumar the student accepts the risk of harm or injury.
1.4. Yoga Kumar does not accept any liability for any harm, injury, damage or loss connected to participating in activities by Yoga Kumar.

To minimize the risk of harm or injury, Yoga Kumar advises the following:

– Consult a doctor before participating in activities if you are not sure about your good health and if you are pregnant.
– Inform the teacher before the class if you have an injury or any discomfort, and if you are pregnant.
– Follow the instructions of the teacher and practice correctly.
– Listen to the signals of your body.
– Don’t do practices if they are painful.
– Ask questions if there are things you don’t understand or that you have doubts about.

2 Personal data – Privacy Policy

At Yoga Kumar we are committed to protect and respect your privacy in compliance with EU- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, dated April 27th 2016. This privacy statement explains when and why we collect personal information, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.

Yoga Kumar requests its students to provide certain personal data in order to keep track of the memberships, inform members of class schedules and special classes/workshops, as well as any relevant changes to the General Terms and Conditions.

2.1 To enable efficient membership management and communication, Yoga Kumar uses 3rd party software platform such as PunchPass and MailChimp.
2.2 Yoga Kumar treats these data strictly confidential, taking into account the regulations in the Wet bescherming Persoonsgegevens.
2.3 The data requested are: name, email address, mobile number, mailing address as well as birthdate (not birth year).
2.4 From our websites we may collect IP-address and actions taken on the site.
2.5 When you start classes at Yoga Kumar, you start receiving our communication, but you can opt out at any time by unsubscribing directly or by sending an e-mail to
2.7 If you renounce to share certain personal data, like your e-mail address, you cannot take advantage of all the online services and products, such as mailings and online registration of classes.
2.8 You can sign out of our marketing communications such as email marketing, but continue to receive system notifications or information about your purchases by emailing us at
2.9 We store personal data for as long as you are a member of Yoga Kumar or we find it necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the personal data was collected, while also considering our need to answer your queries or resolve possible problems or to comply with legal requirements under applicable laws. This means that we may retain your personal data for a period of time after your last interaction with us. If you choose to purposefully unsubscribe and be removed from our system, we will delete your data in a secure manner.
2.10 We may use your information for the following purposes:

● Send you marketing communications which you have requested. These may include information about our yoga classes, events, activities, and promotions.
● Send you information about the services that you have purchased from us.
● Provide you with follow up content and venue details on a workshop or event you signed up for.
● Notify you about any disruptions to our classes.
● Contact you to conduct surveys about your opinion on our services.
● We may send digital marketing to persons which have consented, such as marketing per email.

2.9 You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

● The right to request a copy of your personal data that Yoga Kumar holds about you.
● The right to request that Yoga Kumar corrects your personal data if inaccurate or out of date.
● The right to request that your personal data is deleted when it is no longer necessary for Yoga Kumar to retain such data.
● The right to withdraw any consent to personal data processing at any time. For example, your consent to receive e-marketing communications:
○ When you withdraw your consent to e-marketing by making use of the link to manage your subscriptions included in our communicatio, you will also stop receiving system messages and administrative communications from Yoga Kumar, such as order confirmations, system messages and notifications about your activities and you will be removed from the Yoga Kumar member list and have all your information deleted.

2.10 We do not share, sell, rent, or trade your information with any third parties without your consent If you have any query about your Privacy Rights please send it to

The use of cookies

We use cookies to collect information as you navigate our website. Website Navigational Information includes standard information from your web browser, such as browser type and browser language; your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address; and the actions you take on our website, such as the web pages viewed and the links clicked. This information is used to make websites work more efficiently, as well as to provide business and marketing information to the owners of the site, and to gather such personal data as browser type and operating system, referring page, path through site, domain of
ISP, etc. for the purposes of understanding how visitors use a website. Cookies and similar technologies help us tailor our website to your personal needs, as well as to detect and prevent security threats and abuse. If used alone, cookies do not personally identify you. If you want to withdraw your acceptance of cookies on our websites, you can go to your
web browser and deactivate it. Tracking: To offer a better customer experience to the people visiting our website, Yoga
Kumar uses a number of marketing tools. They allow us to analyze aggregated data, such as visitors’ scrolling patterns or clicks, in order to determine which pages result in the best actions. However, Yoga Kumar does not use your personally identifiable information by employing any of these marketing tools.

Remarketing: Yoga Kumar uses remarketing tracking cookies and conversion pixels from Google, Instagram and Facebook, in order to present you with special offers for our products or services. This may result in you seeing an ad for one of our products or services after you have visited our website.

You can find more information on how to administer cookies in your browser here:

Accepting General terms and conditions

By signing this form:
– you agree with the General Terms and Conditions
– you give Yoga Kumar permission to communicate with you. If you don’t appreciate mailings, you can always unsubscribe and your data will be immediately removed in a secure manner.
– You agree to the Privacy Policy

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.