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Experience Yoga with the Indian Yoga master Ankan Kumar

Ankan Kumar is a Yoga Master from Kolkata, India. He is a much sought after Yoga master in India, Singapore and the Netherlands. He teaches the traditional Indian Yoga system where he focuses on both physical as well as mental mastery over oneself for each of his students. There is abundant attention on each of the students. The effects on students are both remarkable and positive!

Master Ankan has an extensive education in Yoga in India at Yoga Universities of Kaivalyadhama in Lonavala, Pune & SVYASA in Bangalore where he studied extensively the theory as well as practice of Yoga. This is addition to extensive teaching experience gave him a deep wealth of knowledge in yoga that is difficult to find outside India.

Master Ankan is very happy to be at Yoga Kumar Eindhoven to propagate the ancient wisdom of Yoga, the best way of living.

“I find it most rewarding when a student recovers from an injury or gains new levels of strength and understanding of themselves”.


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 Ingrid de Graaff

Ingrid de Graaff practices yoga since 2009. Her first yoga-love was hatha yoga. For years she practiced this with a lot of enthousiasm and passion. From the beginning she experienced many benefits from practicing yoga. The pain in her back disappeared and she became stronger and more flexible, both fysically and mentally. In the back of her mind for years there was a desire to some day teach yoga herself. This desire became concrete when she met Ankan Kumar and through him traditional Indian Yoga. In 2017 Ingrid did the Certificate Course in Yoga, at the famous Kaivalyadhama Yoga University in Poona, India. Later that same year she took the Advanced Teacher Training in yoga at Arhanta Yoga, India, to expand her skills and knowledge. Together with Ingrid’s 8 years of yoga experience these trainings form the foundation of her yogaclasses.

Ingrid’s words: “In my life I worked on my personal development through all kinds of methods. In India I experienced how practicing Yoga can be a great help for you to reconnect to your true Self. I like to share this experience to other people.”

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Tim Walraven

Tim is a yoga sadhaka on a journey and on his way he likes to be be inspired and inspire others. In the past he studied physical education and practiced many different sports like judo, soccer and snowboarding. The last years he is teaching yoga to children. He is also a father and husband and as a family they left in 2017 to live for a year in the land of Yoga: India. This has been a lifechanging experience.

Here Tim studied the intensive Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education at the famous Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, with most experienced teachers in an inspiring ashram ‘where yoga tradition and science meet’.

In his younger years he lived a wild life, while isolating himself and chasing empty desires. He discovered how to shine light on shadow parts, how to control his body & mind and the power of (universal) love. This personal road, together with his professional studies and experiences, were a profound preparation to teach the yogic holistic way of life.

Tim: “It is my passion to teach, to share with others and listen. It is time to help and guide others on their path of self realisation, while keeping it real and down to earth. See who you are and what to become. By practice, relaxation and experiencing your body, mind & soul. Discovering your natural way of moving and balancing. We are alive to live our full potential. I challenge myself every day to live this. I challenge you to do the same. Enjoy life!”

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Gabrielius Bublaitis

Gabrelius came to the Netherlands in 2016 and started to work as an Architect in Eindhoven. Why architect should start a career in such a different field like yoga?

From an early childhood he had an inclination towards art. He started to go to an art school when he was six. He always was a calm and quiet person. Good art, architecture, music has something deeper than you can find on a surface. It has some philosophy behind. The same he sees in Yoga.

Sometimes it may seem that Yoga (especially all the asanas) is very physical but yoga is spiritual in nature. The depth of your practice comes through experiencing, feeling, paying attention to yourself and everything that surrounds you. Not only on the mat, but all the time. Ability to stay in present moment connected to yourself, your body and mind, and everything that surrounds you is a real spirituality for me.

Perhaps it is natural that having this mindset he found a natural attraction towards ancient Indian culture. When he discovered yoga he felt as if he found the second half of himself. He realized how much yoga can offer to a western man. So he decided to travel to India to study this ancient science of Yoga. He lived in a yoga ashram for one year trying to grasp all this wisdom that is written in ancient texts and given by words from guru to his disciples.

Gabriel:”Teaching yoga is something that gives me joy. I was very lucky that I had this opportunity to stay in Kaivalyadhama Yoga College and discovered all other sacred yoga places in India like the river of Ganges or Isha yoga center. I am happy if I can share my knowledge with people. And even more happy if I can help someone to come towards your true inner self.”