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Paradijslaan 30A
5611 KN Eindhoven
of call 06-24459002

KVK number: 65256182

Btw number: NL002511144B98


Free parking

P1: In front of the building, Paradijslaan 30-38, are parking spaces available for the users of the building. If there is vacant spot you can use it freely.

P2: Behind the building, Paradijslaan 30-38, there are a few free parkings available. The entrance is at the right side of the building. Before you park, collect the entrance card at the reception to open the gate. Don’t forget to return it later.

Parking areas (paid):

Along the Paradijslaan and surrounding streets (Zwembadweg, Frederik van Eedenplein, Deken van Somerenstraat) there are a lot of parking opportunities. All within 5 minutes walk of the studio.

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