Vajrasana – Diamond or Thunderbolt Pose

Vajrasana or diamond pose

Vajrasana – Diamond or Thunderbolt Pose

This is a meditative posture that helps open one of channels (or Nari) in the body. This posture helps you aquire “diamond-like” qualities like strenght, sharpness, value, nothing really sticks on it.

How it works:

Normally, your legs and buttocks hold a lot of blood. When you sit in Vajrasana, your legs are in pressure so the blood moves in the upper part of your body, up near your stomach and increases digestion power

Focus points:

Toes, ankles, cup, calfs, knees, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, back of the head.


Vajrasana makes your physical body and especially your mind strong so you are not overwhelmed by strong emotions and distracting thoughts. This posture also helps with digestion, so you can practice it after a heavy meal. It also helps improve lower back problems and sciatica. Practicing pranayama in this pose enhances your senses and eventually you will experience how fantastic your body is.