Bakasana – Crane pose

Bakasana – Crane pose

Bakasana or Crane pose is very similar to Kakasana or Crow pose. The difference between the two is that in Bakasana, the elbows are straight, while in Kakasana the elbows are a bit bent. However the benefits of these two postures are almost the same. 


This posture strengthens your body; especially the wrists, arms, shoulders, abdomen and hips. It increases concentration and the ability to focus and brings a heightened sense of body balance. It increases your energy levels and enthusiasm and it makes your body feel lighter. (It is especially good for people who feel heaviness in their limbs and body. .

Focus points:

Wrist, Arm, Shoulder, Hip, Abdomen, Obliques, Knees and Ankles 

Note: If you are a beginner in yoga or you have certain complaints in the body, especially in one of the focus points, please ask your yoga teacher if you should practice this posture.