Bagrasana – Running or Jumping Tiger pose

tiger pose bagrasana

Bagrasana – Running or Jumping Tiger pose

Up for a challenge?
Bagrasana – Running Tiger pose or Jumping Tiger pose

In this pose you gain a heightened sense of balance. When you practice this advanced posture, all the body parts and muscles work together. Your shoulders, back muscles, oblique muscles and hamstrings become strong. It stretches your ribs so your breath becomes naturally deeper. It stimulates blood circulation in the whole body, that leads to increased immunity and improved skin quality.Regular practice of this posture reduces lethargy, increases energy levels, enthusiasm and brings mental clarity.

Focus points:
Toes, ankles, knees, hips, abdomen, chest, throat, neck, arms, shoulder, whole back and spine.

This is an advanced posture that is best practised at the end of the asanas.