About Us

Why practice Yoga?

  • To become aware of one’s body
  • To have control over one’s body & health
  • To have control over one’s mind & moods
  • To achieve one’s highest potential in mind, body and soul

Why Yoga Kumar?

  • Yoga Kumar is more than a Yoga studio.  It is a sanctuary for energizing and balancing one’s mind and body that leads to a happier life
  • Yoga Kumar is a community of people practicing Yoga supporting each other in pursuit of fulfillment through Yoga
  • When a new student arrives at Yoga Kumar he/she is guided personally by a traditionally trained Indian Yoga Master to find the optimum classes to support his/her growth

Who can practice Yoga?

The beauty of Yoga is that it available to everybody regardless of gender, age (young & old), body flexibility and fitness level. Some people think they cannot do Yoga because their body is “too stiff”. Yoga Kumar thinks that is precisely the persons who SHOULD start Yoga!

Yoga Kumar Team

Ankan Kumar

Ankan Kumar is a Yoga Master from Kolkata, India. He is a much sought after Yoga master in India, Singapore and the Netherlands. He teaches the traditional Indian Yoga system where he focuses on both physical as well as mental mastery over oneself for each of his students. There is abundant attention on each of the students. The effects on students are both remarkable and positive! Master Ankan has an extensive education in Yoga in India at Yoga Universities of Kaivalyadhama in Lonavala, Pune & SVYASA in Bangalore where he studied extensively the theory as well as practice of Yoga. This is addition to extensive teaching experience gave him a deep wealth of knowledge in yoga that is difficult to find outside India. Master Ankan is very happy to be at Yoga Kumar Eindhoven to propagate the ancient wisdom of Yoga, the best way of living. “I find it most rewarding when a student recovers from an injury or gains new levels of strength and understanding of themselves”.

Pieter van den Putten

My name is Pieter van der Putten. I practice yoga for many years now. First I was attracted to the challenging physical aspect of yoga. But I found out that yoga is more than just a physical activity. It has also a meditative face. Yoga can also be valuable in daily life. Throughout the years I did courses, workshops and retreats with several teachers. I learned something new from everybody and got acquainted with different types of yoga. Bit by bit, yoga became a lifestyle to me. It founded the base of my existence on which I can rely in every situation. It gives me power from within, makes me curious to everything that surrounds me. I’m not afraid to approach new challenges. I keep the good and let go of the bad things. It’s a path to my own inner values. I would like to pass my knowledge to other people and help them to find their own path.

Rishabh dev Sharma

Rishabh’s journey with yoga began as the last resort remedy in order to heal from the injuries he had from running and playing football. Practicing yoga regularly was life-changing and it not only helped him heal physically, but also also improved his mental well-being. As a way to share his passion and experience with the world, he became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. Since 2019 he has been teaching regularly besides his full-time job as a design engineer in Eindhoven.

Suhyun Park

Suhyun is from South Korea and she has been practicing yoga with Master Ankan since 2014 the year she moved to the Netherlands. She used to work for children over 9 years with native English teachers from all over the world. She was an English teacher, a supervisor, and a vice manager at the most well-known English Language Schools in South Korea. In her childhood, she took ballet lessons for a few years so her body was always flexible with no complaints. She came across yoga in her early adulthood but she did not practice regularly. Then one day, she gained a back pain. It became serious and it did not go away for years. She tried out almost everything that she can do to fix this problem. Nothing really helped out but yoga did. Finally, free from suffering! She has been working for Yoga Kumar as a receptionist since 2016 when it started. She says, 'I am so lucky to work again at a school. Yoga is now my work and my life.’

Namrata Jangam

Namrata is a qualified physician in the traditional Indian medicine system - Ayurveda, a Panchakarma expert and a certified Yoga instructor, who relocated from India to Netherlands, with her family in April 2019. She has expertise in traditional Yoga practices, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kriya Yoga, Antenatal Yoga, Yoga for healing, Meditation techniques and have been successfully using the therapeutic aspects of Yoga for mind and body balancing and healing for various diseases, for more than 8 years. Through hard work, dedication and years of practice, she has mastered Panchakarma, Viddha & Agnikrama and therapeutic aspects of Yoga in Ayurveda. With the grace of renowned Acharyas across India she has excelled in curing Chronic diseases. She continues her practice as a Yoga Teacher/Instructor in Eindhoven thereby spreading the benefits of following the Ayurvedic practice of healing the body and mind.

Lilli Alatorre

Lilli is from the United States and began her yoga journey in late 2016, practicing at Yoga Kumar with Ankan. Lilli had a lot of lower back pain which she found very early on in her yoga practice, was soon released. She is formally trained as a graphic designer and has worked since 2009 building brands for start-up companies in the United States and The Netherlands. Since 2016, Lilli found the magic in yoga and began practicing regularly since then without a break. Lilli began as a part-time receptionist, graphic designer, social media manager and visual communications for Yoga Kumar in 2022. “I love being at Yoga Kumar and my practice is for life!”

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course Teachers

Devang C. Shah

Devang C Shah, a renowned yoga expert with 23 years of experience. Devang holds an M.Sc and M.A. in Yoga and is a qualified UGC NET Yoga practitioner. He is honored as a Therapeutic Yoga Consultant and Yoga Teacher by the Ayush Ministry. Devang is a Lead Yoga Examiner for the Ministry of Ayush and a registered Yoga Teacher of Yoga Alliance USA. He is a trained Ayurvedic Panchkarma & lifestyle Expert. He is the founder of Utsav Institute, Utsav Health, and Aahaar Shastra, offering various yoga courses. Devang has studied at esteemed institutions such as Bihar School of Yoga, sVyasa Bangalore, Isha Yoga, and more. More than 3,000 yoga teachers have been trained by him till now experiencing personal transformation and professional excellence.

Shubhendu Acharyya

Shubhendu Acharyya has verily very deep intention to enhance credit in the field of yoga philosophy with never changing or ending inquisitiveness. He holds MSc in Yoga and Naturopathy, PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy. He is honored as Therapeutic Yoga Consultant and Yoga Master by the Ministry of AYUSH. He is also a registered Yoga Teacher of Yoga Alliance USA. He is well-trained in Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Panchkarma Treatments. He visited many Yoga institutions, universities, ashrams like Kaivalyadhama, SVYASA University, SriSri University (Bangalore & Cuttack), Isha Foundation, Morarji Desai National Institute, Gurukul Kangri Viswavidhyala, Patanjali Yogapeeth University, Shanti Kunja Gayatri Paribar, National Institute of Naturopathy, Swami Rama Ashram and many more.

Dr. Swarna Dwivedi

Intend to benefit the students of the course with my knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, so that it becomes easier for them to comprehend the human body and provide excellent therapy to their clients. Currently pursuing Post Graduation in Sports Physiotherapy from MGM Medical College, Indore. Experienced in teaching Anatomy and Physiology to Yoga therapy students in India.

Rishikumar Santosh

Born in Varanasi (India) Rishikumar Santosh is a mystic Yoga guru, song writer, singer, composer and meditation master. He is one of the leading Yoga gurus in India and abroad. He started his spiritual education at the age of 6 under supervision of his Master Khuman Poraiton in Varanasi. During 14 years of staying in the ashram of his Master, he plugged himself completely in service of him and studied yogic scriptures, meditation and life philosophy and same time period he kept on his worldly education and got the graduate degree in physics and post graduates’ degree in Yoga. He self-practiced and commanded over many secrets’ practices of Yoga.

Ranjana Sinha

Ranjana Sinha is a highly accomplished yoga professional with a Master's in Yogic Science (MSc.Yoga) and a Master's in Physical Education (MPED). She holds Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education & YIC and is a life member of the Indian Yoga Association. Formerly renowned as a Yoga Teacher at Kaivalyadhama Lonavala, she imparts her expertise as an Assistant Professor at ICFAI University Tripura. Ranjana's expertise and teaching abilities have gained recognition beyond national borders. She has had the honour of sharing her knowledge with delegates from the G20 summit, showcasing the universal appeal and importance of yoga in promoting well-being and balance in today's fast-paced world. Ranjana's unwavering commitment to spreading the benefits of yoga continues to positively impact and inspire lives worldwide.

Ruchika Agarwal

Ruchika Agarwal is a resident of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She is professionally qualified as a Gold Medalist - Master in Yoga (MSc Yogic science), a Yoga Therapist, UGC Net Qualified Assistant Professor, Empaneled Yoga Examiner, Yoga Teacher & Evaluator, Ministry of AYUSH Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hrs YOGA ALLIANCE, US. Her core experience is in working as a Yoga Trainer, Teacher & Evaluator for promoting & imparting yoga education and practice programmes to Corporates, Educational Institutions, Schools, Universities, Fitness Centres & General Public. “Working as a Yoga Professional/ Faculty/Teacher/Trainer/Therapist with an experience of over 10 yrs and being the Founder of “SAMASHRYA YOGMATH”, SAYM Institute of Yoga Education & Wellness I have trained yoga professionals, conducted online / offline yoga therapy sessions, yoga camps for kids/ adults/ geriatrics creating general awareness about yogic practices and management of lifestyle disorders with ashtanga yoga and swasthavritta, stress management camps and trained yoga therapists as guest faculty in Barkatullah University, Bhopal.”