About us

Why practice Yoga?

  • To become aware of one’s body;
  • To have control over one’s body & health;
  • To have control over one’s mind & moods;
  • To achieve one’s highest potential in mind, body and soul.

Why Yoga Kumar?

  • Yoga Kumar is more than a Yoga studio.  It is a sanctuary for energizing and balancing one’s mind and body that leads to a happier life;
  • Yoga Kumar is a community of people practicing Yoga supporting each other in pursuit of fulfillment through Yoga;
  • When a new student arrives at Yoga Kumar he/she is guided personally by a traditionally trained Indian Yoga Master to find the optimum classes to support his/her growth.

Who can practice Yoga?

The beauty of Yoga is that it available to everybody regardless of gender, age (young & old), body flexibility and fitness level. Some people think they cannot do Yoga because their body is “too stiff”. Yoga Kumar thinks that is precisely the persons who SHOULD start Yoga!


Ankan Kumar

Ankan Kumar is a Yoga Master from Kolkata, India. He is a much sought after Yoga master in India, Singapore and the Netherlands. He teaches the traditional Indian Yoga system where he focuses on both physical as well as mental mastery over oneself for each of his students. There is abundant attention on each of the students. The effects on students are both remarkable and positive! Master Ankan has an extensive education in Yoga in India at Yoga Universities of Kaivalyadhama in Lonavala, Pune & SVYASA in Bangalore where he studied extensively the theory as well as practice of Yoga. This is addition to extensive teaching experience gave him a deep wealth of knowledge in yoga that is difficult to find outside India. Master Ankan is very happy to be at Yoga Kumar Eindhoven to propagate the ancient wisdom of Yoga, the best way of living. “I find it most rewarding when a student recovers from an injury or gains new levels of strength and understanding of themselves”.

Gabrielius Bublaitis

Sometimes when you look back to your life you can see how unpredictable can be the path to the place where you are now. Starting my life in a different country in a different field I never imagined that I will do what I do now. But this is the beauty of life. Embrace everything that comes to you! I was born and grew up in Lithuania. Since 2010 I studied architecture and worked many years as an architect. In 2016 I moved to Eindhoven where I discovered Yoga. It soon became my daily companion and I felt changes in my life. In 2017 I went for one year yoga teacher training in India. It was really intense and beautiful experience. I learned a lot and felt like it is something that I need to share with people. When I came back in 2018 I started teaching yoga and that is something that gives me joy. I am happy if I can share my knowledge and even happier to see what yoga gives to people.

Suhyun Park

``Suhyun is from South Korea and she has been practicing yoga with Master Ankan since 2014 the year she moved to the Netherlands. She used to work for children over 9 years with native English teachers from all over the world. She was an English teacher, a supervisor, and a vice manager at the most well-known English Language Schools in South Korea. In her childhood, she took ballet lessons for a few years so her body was always flexible with no complaints. She came across yoga in her early adulthood but she did not practice regularly. Then one day, she gained a back pain. It became serious and it did not go away for years. She tried out almost everything that she can do to fix this problem. Nothing really helped out but yoga did. Finally, free from suffering! She has been working for Yoga Kumar as a receptionist since 2016 when it started. She says,' I am so lucky to work again at a school. Yoga is now my work and my life.’``

Tim Walraven

Tim is a yoga sadhaka on a journey and on his way he likes to be be inspired and inspire others. In the past he studied physical education and practiced many different sports like judo, soccer and snowboarding. The last years he is teaching yoga to children. He is also a father and husband and as a family they left in 2017 to live for a year in the land of Yoga: India. This has been a lifechanging experience. Here Tim studied the intensive Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education at the famous Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, with most experienced teachers in an inspiring ashram ‘where yoga tradition and science meet’. In his younger years he lived a wild life, while isolating himself and chasing empty desires. He discovered how to shine light on shadow parts, how to control his body & mind and the power of (universal) love. This personal road, together with his professional studies and experiences, were a profound preparation to teach the yogic holistic way of life. Tim: “It is my passion to teach, to share with others and listen. It is time to help and guide others on their path of self realisation, while keeping it real and down to earth. See who you are and what to become. By practice, relaxation and experiencing your body, mind & soul. Discovering your natural way of moving and balancing. We are alive to live our full potential. I challenge myself every day to live this. I challenge you to do the same. Enjoy life!”