Balance your body, mind and soul.

Experience Yoga with an Indian Yoga Master in Eindhoven


Anga Mardan (Cardio) Yoga

Een intensieve yoga die je helpt spieren sterk te maken en vetten te verbranden.


Hatha Yoga Basis

De oudste, meest complete en populaire Yoga-systeem voor lichamelijke en geestelijke gezondheid.



Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga class is a complete sequence for the body and mind.  It is gentle but effective stretching through key Yoga postures (Asanas) to revitalize the body and mind.  This sequence focuses on every joint and muscles to release blockages and tightness in the body.  The postures are held for a short while to bring release to the muscles and joints.  The practice is deliberate to create a total awareness of your body.

When practices regularly, at least once a week, this class releases blockages from body and mind.  This results in physical and mental freedom.

Key point:  Removes blockages in the body and mind


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is most ancient and complete system of Yoga for physical and mental health.  It is the science of breathing, purification and synchronization of physical and mental health.  Asanas are practiced slowly with great attention to the body’s reaction to each posture.  Students are taught to understand their body in tense vs relaxed states.  This will lead the students to be more in control of their body, even in stressful situations.

Regular practice improves flexibility and muscle joint mobility, muscle tone & strength, promotes correct posture, corrects muscular-skeletal conditions as well as increasing stamina.  

Key point: Overall strengthening of body and mind

Dynamische Hatha Yoga

Physically challenging form of Hatha Yoga.  In addition to the basic Hatha Yoga postures, Dynamic Hatha sequences include more advanced postures that challenge the strength of the body and the endurance of the mind.  The practice includes multiple sun salutation sequence that warms the body for more flexibility as well as inversion postures that help with blood circulation and mental clarity.

This practice improves overall strength of the body as well as mental strength to push one self just beyond their current capability.  It is rigorous but very rewarding practice where the entire body feels completely open.

Key point:  Complete & deep stretching and opening of all muscles and joints.


Traditional Yoga

This practice is a special sequence of Hatha Yoga that opens the whole body and increase the mindfulness.  Traditional Yoga involves deep Yogic breathing and stretching as well as relaxation.  It is a meditative way of practicing Yoga postures.  The practice pace is slow and gentle but very effective in getting the Yogic benefits for your entire body.

This practice gives you inner massage which will make you energetic, sharpen your memory, reduces insomnia and improves digestion.  

Key point:  Meditative Yoga practice combined with deep Yogic breathing.

Ek pada

Sukshma Vyayama Yoga

Therapy Yoga is helpful for various modern ailments such as stress, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, gastric or constipation problems and neck/back pain.  This practice is restorative, focusing on problem areas to stimulate the healing process.  It is recommended for those who need gentle practice due to injuries or low energy level.  

The class is slow paced and adjusted to the individuals in the class and their specific needs.  Overall result is gentle and soothing.

Key point: Restorative practice for those with injuries or low energy level.


Anga Mardan (Cardio) Yoga

This practice involves doing Yoga postures multiple times without stopping. All sides of the body are stretched and aerobic nature of the practice burns fat effectively. All muscles groups are worked on eliminating muscle blocks and tightness in the body. The practice is rigorous and fun. Prepare to sweat and smile!

The class is fast paced and aerobic intensive. The sequence includes intense stretching and toning of all muscle groups including the abdominal.  

Key Point: Energetic practice to tone the whole body while burning fat.


Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama is an ancient Yogic breathing technic which cleanse the body cells and increases the lung capacity.  Pranayama is the means to control the vital energy of your body.  Those who practice it regularly have a powerful mastery over their body and mind.

The practice starts with a series of soft stretching Asanas followed by powerful Yogic breathing (Pranayama) which helps the mind and body to relax.  The class ends with a short meditation.

Key point: Pranayama controls the life energy within yourself.

Classical Hatha Vinyasa

De classical Hatha Vinyasa yogales bestaat uit twee elkaar aanvullende delen. Het eerste deel bevat zonnegroeten en verschillende bewegingen om het lichaam te openen.

Geschikt voor alle niveaus. Lees meer.

Kids yoga

Yoga for children to learn the ancient science of yoga in a playful way. Elements of a yoga class are challenging poses, moving in a flow, yoga philosophy, playing together, breath, visualisation, creative exercises and relaxation. Yoga for children is good for their health and whole wellbeing: reduces anxiety, aggressive behaviour and stress; gives them a tool to go inwards; brings body awareness and self care; helps for better balance, coordination, memory and concentration; helps in self regulation of emotions.


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